From the beginning of my sales career, I have been told that I am not like any other sales person. People appreciate the interpersonal skill set I have while consistently impressed at the ability I have to negotiate even the toughest of deals with ease, efficiency and a smile.

People tell me I am:

  • Driven: Have a sense of urgency and a need to accomplish the task at hand
  • Confident: Believe in my own abilities
  • Outgoing: Project a great first impression and am energized by social interactions
  • Assertive: Effectively control interactions and won’t waiver
  • Funny: Engage client’s emotions, likeable and memorable
  • Structured: Ability to lead the customer through the process, am organized and follow through
  • Relational: Sincerely care about people, not just the sale; effectively identify client’s needs
  • Focused: Do not get sidetracked; know the final destination
  • Knowledgeable: Complete understanding of the whole sales process and hyper-focused on several areas of Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties


"We met Monica at an open house. Thanks to her, we were able to sell our home and move into our dream home. She was supportive, insightful and aggressive but personal making both these sales run concurrently. Since then, we have worked with her on three transactions and wouldn’t want to work with anyone else. Her interpersonal skills were evident in dealing with agents, buyers and sellers. Her confident and calm ability to navigate the buying/selling process has instilled trust and an easy working relationship. Our most recent purchase would not have happened without her ability to read the seller and share the pertinent information that ended up getting us the house in a multiple offer situation where we were not the highest offer. We would highly recommend her."
- Chris & Jen Gunst


"Monica helped my wife and I find a fantastic new home, despite our rather vague and difficult requirements. We needed something I could commute from, that had land for the dogs to play on, that wasn't going to be too much upkeep... and so on. Monica patiently visited numerous locations with us, and when we found the home we wanted, she was able to help us negotiate a great deal. Then, thanks to her great advice, well thought out plan and hard work, we were able to sell our previous house for significantly over ask. Highly recommended."
- Graham Hine


"Monica was a breath of fresh air when it came to buying a house. She listened to our needs and matched the best home with what we wanted while staying in our budget. She knew the areas better than we could have hoped. We highly recommend her as an agent."
- Shannon Lilley